The addition of nitrogen elevates coffee to create a sweet, smooth and velvety sensation with every sip – shop our canned cold brew today!


Founders Jon Davis & Christopher Davis

We want to meet you where you are

We were founded with the idea of being an outdoor café, which evolved into the Nitro Bike. We are the Wandering Baristas, traveling from farmers markets to live events, or just riding around the city of good neighbors!

Nitrogen Infused Coffee & Tea

Nitrogen gives our beverages their creamy texture, sweeter taste, lower acidity and higher caffeine content. Shop our signature cold brew, canned and delivered right to your door. Check out our events schedule to grab a drink with us in person, or stop by our wholesale partner locations!

We offer our cold brew canned and delivered right to your doorstep!



Starting at $23.80

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Our signature Jack of all trades blend of Guatemalan and Kenyan beans expertly roasted by our friends at Undergrounds Coffee. Cold brewed for 20 hours & expertly infused with nitrogen for a smooth finish .Canned for your adventure!


Big fan of Nickel City Nitro! Met them at a summer market and my mind was blown from their delicious oat milk nitro latte. It was coffee-life changing. I had shrugged off “cold“ coffee (clearly had been trying the wrong ones). Nickel City Nitro has officially shifted my view. I’ve now had the pleasure of enjoying all their current nitro offerings: cold brew, oat milk latte, and tea (blueberry peach, yes please).

I’ll take all my drinks from a tap now, thank you. Whether you’re enjoying their latte or drinking a cold brew straight up, it’s smooth, creamy, and packed with the perfect caffeine punch. Not in the mood for coffee? Their tea is flavorful, but light, perfectly refreshing, and beautifully (naturally) colored. I’ll just be over here, refreshing their social media page, tracking down where to find them for my next caffeine fix.


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Keep an eye out for the Nickel City Nitro carts at local businesses, events, and farmers markets. Message us or tag us on social media to let us know where you would like to see us!

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