Cold Brew Coffee + Nitrogen Gas = Nitro Cold Brew

…but what does that really mean when it comes to the coffee in your cup? The addition of nitrogen to the coffee elevates the ‘feel’ of your coffee. You’ll notice a smooth, creamy or velvety sensation with each sip. Think of nitro as the next level evolution of your every day cold brew. Sounds strange? You might be wondering what will be the effect of nitrogen gas. Well, the addition of nitrogen gas creates a smooth texture of the coffee. And besides the foamy texture, nitrogen gas also adds sweetness to the taste. Therefore, nitro cold brew is often regarded as superior to regular coffee due to its creamy taste and texture. Another great thing about nitro cold brew is that milk and cream are not necessary for it as the nitrogen automatically adds sweetness to the taste. Hence, you can rest assured that you’re having a healthy drink.

Origin Of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

The exact origin of nitro cold brew is disputed, but some say that Queens Kickshaw in New York City started the trend of nitro coffee in 2011. And others say that Portland, Oregon’s Stumptown or Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Texas should receive the credit for the origin of nitro cold brew. Though no one is sure about its origin, one thing we know for sure is nitro cold brew is a must-try beverage if you are a coffee lover!

How Does Nitro Cold Brew Taste?

Nitro cold brew tastes creamy and fizzy. It is thicker and smoother in texture than regular coffee. The nitrogen used in coffee enhanced its flavor as well as the aroma. It is higher in caffeine and lesser in acidity. According to some people, nitro cold brew has a mouthfeel of a Guinness beer, of course, excluding the beer taste. Since nitro cold brew is sweeter in taste, you may not want to add sugar to it. Hence, the nitro cold brew also helps you to cut down your calories.

Nitro Coffee vs Cold Coffee

They both, nitro and cold, are iced coffee but the key difference lies in their tastes and texture. Nitro cold brew is a foamy drink whereas cold brew is much lighter. Below, we have discussed their differences in detail so that you can have a better idea of the nitro coffee and regular cold brew. And you can easily decide what suits you the best, a glass of nitro coffee or a cold brew. Let’s dive into it.

What Makes Nitro Cold Brew Different From Regular Cold Brew?

The few differences between nitro and cold brew are:

 1. Nitro Has A Creamy Texture. The thick and creamy texture of nitro is what makes it different from the cold brew. Nitro coffee is charged with small gas bubbles that give it a creamy and foam-like texture. Regular cold brew on the other hand is a fizz-free coffee that doesn’t contain any bubbles.

2. Nitro Coffee Has A Sweeter Taste. Despite the improved texture, the nitrogen used in nitro cold brew also adds sweetness to its taste. Due to this effect, many people find nitro coffee better than regular coffee as it doesn’t require unnecessary sugar.

3. Nitro Coffee Is Less Acidic. Nitro cold brew has less acidity than regular coffee. The less acidity makes the taste unique and also reduces the bitterness of coffee. If you are struggling with indigestion or if highly acidic coffee simply doesn’t appeal to you, nitro cold brew is the best option for you.

4. Nitro Cold Brew Is Higher In Caffeine. In the preparation of nitro coffee, coffee grounds are used in a higher ratio as compared to regular coffee, which increases its caffeine. Caffeine has several health benefits such as it boosts metabolism, lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. But it can also cause side effects in caffeine-sensitive individuals such as anxiety and headache.


Q1. Is Nitro Cold Brew Healthy?

Ans. Yes, Nitro Cold Brew is a healthy drink due to the following reasons.

● It’s low in acid and hence easier on the stomach.

● It has fewer calories than other coffees.

● It is sweet without extra sugar or cream.

● It is safe for those who have sensitive stomach and milk sensitivities.

Q2. Is Nitro Coffee High In Caffeine?

Ans. Yes, nitro cold brew contains higher caffeine because it has less water.

Q3. Can You Add Milk In Your Nitro Coffee?

Ans. There is no need to add milk or cream in the nitro cold brew as it is naturally sweet and tasty. However, if you want it sweeter and milkier then yes go ahead, you can add milk to it.

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