Cold brews are renowned for their high caffeine content, but it might surprise you to learn that nitro cold brew has more caffeine than its regular cold brew counterpart. In fact, nitro cold brew is one of the most caffeinated coffee beverages on a traditional coffeeshop menu. We all have those days where we need as much caffeination as possible, but you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for the ability to stay awake in your morning work meeting. Nitro cold brew is the perfect choice. Not only does it contain more than enough caffeine to get you through a Monday, but it also has a rich and creamy coffee flavor that will leave you craving more.

 For this article, consider all caffeine content to be taken from 16-ounce drink sizes, which is most commonly referred to as a medium. A 16-ounce latte contains 154 milligrams of caffeine. While lattes are a majority favorite due to their naturally creamy texture, on average, they contain less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee! Lattes are made with espresso shots and steamed milk. The milk gives the latte its signature creamy flavor but it also the reason why a latte is one of the least caffeinated beverages on a standard menu. Milk takes up too much space in the cup and adding more espresso shots can be pricy. Many complain that adding shots ruins the latte’s flavor because the espresso to milk ratio is compromised.

While a regular cup of drip coffee contains much more caffeine than a standard latte at 182 milligrams, many believe that it just does not taste as strong as some of the other beverages. A latte’s espresso shots make for a strongly coffee-flavored beverage that a regular drip cannot replicate. This can be said for both hot and iced coffees. Adding cream can dilute drip coffee’s flavor, leading to a disappointing morning coffee run.

 That leads us to the delicious cold brew. Cold brews have a reputation for a strong coffee flavor and a high caffeine content. This is because cold brews are made by soaking ground coffee beans in cold water for 20 hours. Due to the lower brewing temperature, the coffee grounds do not release tannins like they do during the drip coffee process. This makes cold brew coffee much less acidic and bitter than drip coffee. Because of its significantly longer brewing time, cold brew coffee has a big flavor. Its coffee flavor is so strong it makes iced coffee taste watered down. The average 16-ounce cold brew contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, so why does nitro cold brew have a higher caffeine content than regular cold brew coffee?

Nitro cold brew goes through an additional step before it is served. Once the coffee has brewed for 20 hours in low temperatures, it is charged with nitrogen gas. This gives the coffee a rich and silky texture. The nitrogen bubbles add a creamy foam topping which many consider to be the best part of the drink. The foam topping is why the nitro cold brew has more caffeine content than a regular cold brew coffee. Baristas do not add ice to nitro cold brews because the ice would ruin the creamy foam their customers love so much. This means they must fill up the entire 16-ounce cup solely with caffeine-rich, aromatic coffee. So next time you need a morning pick-me-up, you do not have to sacrifice caffeine for flavor. Give nitro cold brew a try.