Nitro cold brew is a deliciously mouth-watering beverage that is relatively new to the coffee community. Nitro cold brew has a silky smooth yet incredibly strong coffee flavor. It is topped with a creamy foam, making it resemble Guinness beer. Nitro cold brew is less acidic than traditional coffee, but a standard 16-ounce drink contains over 200 milligrams of caffeine. Many people are surprised to learn that they can make this Instagram worthy drink right at home when you can’t make it to your local coffee shop!

Some basic materials are needed to make nitro cold brew coffee right in your own kitchen. You will need a reusable whipped cream dispenser, nitrogen chargers, and cold brew of course! These products can all be found in most general retail stores or anywhere that sells coffee-related products. While pre-made cold brew can be used just as effectively in any nitro recipes, its incredibly easy to make a delicious batch of cold brew. This article gives detailed instructions for creating a homemade cold brew; however, it is just as easy to use a store-bought cold brew instead and jump straight to the whipped cream dispenser.

Making cold brew coffee is as easy as combining coarsely ground coffee beans and room temperature water. Yep, it is that simple. A ratio we recommend for cold brew is one ounce of coffee to one cup of water. This will make one strong serving of cold brew coffee that can be added to as needed. The next part is the hardest: waiting for the coffee to brew. Cold brew needs to sit for about 20 hours before the grounds can be strained. Cold brew takes much longer than regular drip coffee because it uses a much lower water temperature than traditional brewing methods. Hot temperatures allow the coffee flavors to be extracted more easily, so it takes a longer amount of time using lower brewing temperatures. The benefit of brewing coffee with lower temperature water is that the coffee beans don’t release tannins, which make the coffee acidic. Cold brew coffee is much less bitter and a lot more caffeinated.

Next, charge the cold brew with nitrogen or nitrous gas. Nitro cold brew is charged with nitrogen to give it that sweet and creamy consistency. Fill a standard half pint whipped cream dispenser with 250 milliliters of cold brew coffee and any additional flavorings you prefer. One favorite flavor is maple extract, but any type of syrup will work as well. Close the whipped cream dispenser’s cap and screw on the nitrogen charge. When the nitrogen charge is screwed in, it will give off a high-pitched sound, indicating the gas has been released into the container with the cold brew. Give the container a good shake and let it sit for about ten minutes and repeat. The dispenser should be cold to the touch because of the sudden pressure change.

To release the caffeinated goodness, slowly pull the lever. As the nitro cold brew fills up, it should look slightly fizzy and will start gathering a foam layer. Nitro cold brew is often compared to Guinness beer due to its creamy top layer of foam. For maximum foam, tilt the glass and pour slowly. Make sure to leave out the ice because it will disrupt the nitrogen bubbles and the sweet top layer will disappear!

This next step is optional but highly recommended. Take a picture of your beautiful coffee creation and tag @nickelcitynitro! Nitro cold brew is a stunning drink, and its aesthetic is bested only by its rich and creamy flavor. Now that you can make nitro cold brew without leaving the house, it might be best to make an extra batch or two.