Our mission in every newsletter will be to fuel your knowledge of coffee, food, art, music, and connect  you to the humans behind them. This week we’ll introduce our partnership with Twenty6 Productions & Buffalo Iron works, and hear from their Marketing Director Adrianne Salmon!

Every great adventure needs a great playlist. Music carries us through the highs and lows of life, serving as a soundtrack to our journey. In a coffee shop music (like art) wears many hats; it’s a conversation starter, a privacy provider, and most importantly (in our biased opinion) a lifeline for the baristas behind the counter as they choreograph your caffeine. 

Music doesn’t only live in our headphones and speakers, it also brings us together. We’re teaming up with our friends at Twenty6 Productions and Buffalo Iron works to dive into the local music scene and bring you your future soundtrack for adventures! As live events make their return we’ll be there with you to bring you the fuel you need for the dance floor.

Insider Access: Adrianne Salmon

Adrianne Salmon is the Marketing Director for Twenty6 Productions & Buffalo Iron Works, but that isn’t all she does. Read her contributor piece below!

I met current owner Josh Holtzman (he was the GM at the time) through a mutual friend and was brought on to do the marketing for the second annual Cobblestone Live. From there, Josh hired me to manage the marketing for Iron Works. When Josh and Grace founded Twenty6 Productions in 2020 and asked if I would work for them, it was a no brainer. Twenty6 was one of the pioneers of the drive-in shows in the country and the fact that they created a successful company in the middle of a pandemic is – let’s be honest – astonishing, and really says everything you need to know about the types of people they are. It’s been an honor to work with them thus far and we’re just getting started!

What upcoming shows and events are you most excited for?

I’m most excited to be bringing Cobblestone Live back this summer! After a two-year hiatus and now with the full force of Twenty6 behind it, it’s going to be truly special. Not to mention, we just locked in a couple amazing headliners for both nights! Save the date for July 15th & 16th and stay tuned for the lineup drop. I’m also thrilled that we’ll be bringing back Jam on the Lift at Kissing Bridge this summer (slated for late August). 2021 was the first year of it and it’s a stunning venue so close to the city, so I really see it blossoming into something extraordinary for our WNY music community. 

On the Iron Works side of things, I’m stoked for Mardi Gras Mambo on March 24th and The Soul Rebels on March 29th because NOLA brass is my weakness. I also can’t wait to see Armchair Boogie on March 15th and Kitchen Dwellers on May 18th because there’s really nothing more fun than a night of funky bluegrass. OH, and lespecial is coming back on May 6th & 7th with TAUK and I’ve been craving more of lespecial’s hip-swaying, headbanging Primus vibes since they were here this past fall!