We Love Cold Brew

Founders Christopher Davis & Jon Davis 


Nickel City Nitro is a love letter to the coffee community. We are a coffee brewery, that features a locally-roasted signature blend. We steep the coffee for 20 hours, and infuse the cold brew with nitrogen for a smooth, velvety finish. Then, we deliver our delicious beverages to the community on our solar and human powered one-of-a-kind bike café! We want to meet you where you are. Our nitro cold brew blend is also sold in local cafes and various locations around Buffalo.


The past year has led us to the realization that people craved a coffee destination, but also wanted to keep a safe distance. We had the idea to create an outdoor café, which has evolved to the nitro bike. Nickel City Nitro also prides itself on our collaborative and positive-sum relationships. We look forward to seeing you around Buffalo and at local markets!

One of our wholesale partners, FreshFix!

Fueling your adventures, in Buffalo or abroad! 


We want to fuel Buffalo’s adventures! Nickel City Nitro would like to become a destination for your nitro coffee and draft latte needs, while creating and maintaining relationships with other local businesses.


Keep an eye out for the Nickel City Nitro carts at local businesses, events, and farmers markets. Message us or tag us on social media to let us know where you would like to see us!